With interdisciplinary background
Observe the world with cameras,
but also with different eyes.

I explore

Love exploring the world.
Dig into psychology, fitness,etc.
Finding fantasy things.


Hoping to craft product design
or UX design in the future.
Create good products.

I dream

Dreaming of contributing to products
that solve real-world problems
and make people live happier.

My works

I love discovery and create beauty things.So I am one of those lucky people who have the chance to work on things they love and then make a difference.Here are some of my works and projects. Hoping to do some work that will make people's lives easier,healthier,and more intriguing.

My blogs

Here are some articles I write to record the dots I've made and going to make in my life. I have a general interest in all interesting things.So this blog may contains psychology,design,bodybuilding and makeup. Glad to share these with you!

January 02, 2016

How to Use GitHub?-Beginner’s Tutorial


October 18, 2015

Growth Mindset Makes Your Life Better

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

April 14, 2015

Magic Introductory and Advanced Guide for Keynote